Best Minimalist Bed Frames

If you want to get the best sleep possible each night, you’ll need to invest in a high quality frame. In this article we will take a close look at some of the best minimalist bed frames available today.

Our top choice is the ZINUS Joseph Metal Platforma Bed Frame, which boasts an incredibly solid alloy steel construction. You’ll find that this frame is very sturdy and offers a generous amount of support. It is also very easy to assemble right out of the box.

Before you make up your mind on a certain frame, we encourage you to learn about each of these products.

How We Picked The Best Minimalist Bed Frames

When we were putting together our best minimalist bed frames list, there were certain factors we took into consideration. We first looked at the materials each frame is made of. Metal frames are usually very durable and solid. We found that ones with a metal and wood construction are the toughest overall.

We also took note of the weight capacity of each frame, as this is a strong indication of its stability as a whole. The number of legs is something else you should think about. Frames that use reinforced legs tend to hold up the best over time.

A Spotlight On Some of The Best Minimalist Bed Frames 2022:

ZINUS Joseph Metal Platforma Bed Frame

Mellow Modernista Low Profile 6 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame

Beyond Lifestyle Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

ZIORS Heavy Duty Platform Bed Frame

Alecono Queen Bed Frame


ZINUS Joseph Metal Platforma Bed Frame

The ZINUS Joseph Metal Platforma Bed Frame boasts an attractive contemporary design with a minimalist approach. This frame measures six inches tall and it’s a great choice if you like being closer to the floor. It can support anywhere from 350 to 700 pounds, depending on the size.

One of the great things about this bed frame is that you won’t need a box spring. It features wood slats that provide plenty of support and stability at all times. Each slat is spaced 3 to 3.4 inches apart.

We also really like the fact that this frame is so easy to assemble. You should be able to put it together within an hour. It comes with detailed instructions as well.

The incredibly durable alloy steel construction of the Joseph Metal Platforma is one of the reasons we chose it for our best minimalist bed frames list. It is very strong and can withstand everyday use without sustaining any damage whatsoever. You can count on it to last for many years with no structural issues.

You’ll also appreciate the 5-year warranty that this bed frame comes with. This is definitely a strong indication of the manufacturer’s confidence in their own products.

If you are looking for a reliable bed frame for your mattress, this one has a lot to offer. It has a simple but impressive overall design that you can always depend on. There are four different height options available—18”, 14”, 10”, and 6”. This allows you to sleep at a height that you are comfortable with every single night.


  • Variety of height options to choose from
  • Sturdy alloy steel construction will stand the test of time
  • Doesn’t require a box spring
  • Can be assembled quickly and easily
  • Nice contemporary design that looks great in any bedroom


  • Non-slip tape that goes on slats is a bit too strong


Mellow Modernista Low Profile 6 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame

The Mellow Modernista Low Profile Platform Bed Frame has a steel frame that will hold up well throughout the years. It boasts a remarkably tough and reliable overall build quality.

This frame uses wooden slats, which eliminates the need for a box spring. This will help you save money while keeping things simple. The center metal bar is the only other component, which helps keep the bed stable at all times.

Each of the wooden slats has non-slip tape that holds the mattress firmly in place. You therefore won’t have to worry about it shifting around in the middle of the night while you are sleeping.

You should be able to put this frame together within a matter of minutes. It does come with detailed step by step instructions. You will also receive a 5-year warranty, which will provide you with complete peace of mind.

This frame is available in four different size options, from Twin (74.5 by 38 by 6 inches) to King (79.5 by 75.5 by 6 inches). We were really impressed by its silent design.

Unlike so many other bed frames, this one won’t creak or make any noise even when you toss and turn. This is just one of the reasons we had for including it in our best minimalist bed frames list.
The sleek low profile design of the Mellow Modernista makes it an attractive option worth considering. This frame is very solid and will hold together well over the long term.


  • Padding between slats keeps bed frame quiet at all times
  • Wooden slats offer reliable support you can depend on
  • Very tough steel frame will provide you with years of flawless use
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Tape on wooden slats keeps mattress in place always


  • Steel material that makes up frame could be a bit thicker


Beyond Lifestyle Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

The Beyond Lifestyle Platform Bed Frame has an upholstered deign with soft but durable fabric. The upholstery on this bed is resistant to rips and tears, so you can count on it to stay in good condition over time.

Each of the side rails has a reinforced design for added stability. This keeps the frame from moving around while you are in bed. The headboard is also very resilient and offers a good amount of support. It also has a padded design for additional comfort, which you will definitely appreciate.

This frame doesn’t require a box spring, as it boasts a completely independent design. The wood slats come at a height of 10 inches, which is just right. It allows for easy height adjustments ranging from 8 to 12 inches. This customizable design makes it one of the best minimalist bed frames on the market today.

There is a distance of 3.9” between each slat, which allows for optimal airflow. This also helps keep you comfortable while preserving the overall quality of your mattress.

The steel construction of this bed frame will give you many years of reliable everyday use. It comes with two support legs that reinforce the entire frame for an impressive weight capacity.


  • Easy to adjust frame to the height you want
  • Padded headboard offers additional support and comfort
  • Spacing between wood slats offers optimal airflow
  • Durable steel construction won’t get damaged easily over time
  • Can be completely set up within an hour


  • Wooden slats are a little thin


ZIORS Heavy Duty Platform Bed Frame

The ZIORS Heavy Duty Platform Bed Frame has an impressively sturdy construction that consists of steel and wood materials. It has a load bearing design that offers a high degree of stability that you can always count on.

We particularly like the five thick wooden legs that prop up this frame. Each leg has an incredible stable reinforced design that allows for a tremendous amount of weight at once.

You’ll also find that this frame is made to remain quiet at all times. You can toss and turn without having to deal with any squeaking or creaking noises whatsoever. This will help you get a good night’s sleep on a consistent basis.

This bed frame comes with everything you will need to put it together. It offers a simple and relatively fast setup that you can get through in less than an hour.

The widened slats that this bed frame uses offer a great deal of support. This frame is made up of just four components. The simple but highly stable design is what makes it one of the best minimalist bed frames on the internet right now.

You will have a number of different size options to choose from. This frame is available from Twin size (75 by 38 by 14 inches) all the way up to California King (84 by 72 by 14 inches). This makes it easy to get one that can accommodate your mattress with no issues whatsoever.


  • Cushioning gasket prevents frustrating noise
  • Compact design allows for quick and smooth installation
  • Reinforced legs give you dependable stability
  • Good amount of space under frame for storage
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Steel and wood construction is unbelievably strong


  • Some customers say that frame causes sleeping surface to be slightly uneven


Alecono Queen Bed Frame

The Alecono Queen Bed Frame has an anti-slip design to ensure that it always stays in place no matter what. Both the headboard and footboard are made to never wobble or slide at all.

We were very impressed by the metal construction of this frame. It can support a maximum of 2,000 pounds. It is very durable and is supported by a total of eight legs.

The slats are made of steel, which guarantees maximum stability. This makes it unique in the sense that most other frames like this one have wooden slats that aren’t nearly as sturdy. The steel slats also ensure that you never have any issues with mattress sagging. They offer a superb level of overall support.

You will also love the noise-free design, which prevents annoying squeaking noises that are common with other metal frames. You can finally get a completely restful and peaceful night’s sleep on a consistent basis.

There is absolutely no need for a box spring. The steel foundation gives you more than enough support for your queen size mattress. This frame comes with a 5-year warranty that you can depend on if you do ever experience any issues.

The easy installation is one of the reasons we decided to put this product on our list of best minimalist bed frames. It features a snap design that allows for 15-minute installation. All you have to do is snap all of the included pieces together and you are done.


  • Easy snap-on design for incredibly fast setup
  • Durable metal construction supports up to 2,000 pounds
  • Total of eight reinforced legs gives you dependable stability
  • Doesn’t many any noise whatsoever
  • Prevents mattress sagging and other common issues


  • Metal material is not scratch resistant


Best Minimalist Bed Frames Buying Guide

Best Minimalist Bed Frames

When looking over the best minimalist bed frames online, it is important to look at each one closely. We have provided you with a list of criteria for evaluating these products effectively.


You will find that some of the best minimalist bed frames have a metal construction. We recommend looking for models that are made of alloy steel. There is no question that this material is very solid and holds up well over the long term. Iron beds are also very sturdy and tend to last for many years without any problems.

There are also plenty of great high quality frames that are made mostly of wood. You should, however, find out which type of wood they are made of. This will help you choose one that is reliable and will serve you well for many years to come.


Remember to look into the legs that each frame comes with. This will help you determine the level of stability each one offers. We recommend frames that use anywhere from five to eight legs.

You’ll want to keep in mind that the best minimalist bed frames use legs that have a reinforced design. These frames typically offer a high weight capacity.

The right number of durable legs propping up your bed means reliable stability. You won’t have to worry about any shaking or other issues when you are trying to sleep.

Height and Size

Take some time to consider the height that you want for your next bed frame. The very best minimalist bed frames allow for a fairly wide range of height adjustments.

It might help to think about the height of past frames that you’ve owned. This will give you a better idea as to which frame you should buy. Many people prefer low profile beds because they like sleeping close to the ground. You will need to carefully consider this before making a final decision.

You also need to pick the right size bed. Whether it is a Full Size or California King, you’ll need to explore your options. There is absolutely nothing wrong with upgrading to a larger size, provided you already have a compatible mattress. Take a look at the size options for each frame before choosing one in particular.


The slats that go across the bed frame will play an important role in determining how much support it offers as a whole. You’ll want to think about buying a frame that comes with metal slats. This will give you a high degree of stability.

Make certain that your frame’s slats prevent mattress sagging, which can be a real problem with many frames today. A good amount of support also usually means little to no frustrating noise to contend with.

Each of the slats that hold up your mattress should have adhesive strips to keep it in place at all times. This is a pretty standard feature, but it’s something you’ll need to look out for when researching your options.

If you tend to toss and turn a lot in bed, this is going to be particularly important. There are quite a few frames on the market that feature special padding to prevent this issue. The less noise you have to deal with, the easier it will be to drift off to sleep each night.


It is very important that you find out what kind of warranty you’ll get with each frame. Some of the very best minimalist bed frames available come with a 5-year warranty. This will give you peace of mind, but you’ll need to look at the details. Take some time to read the fine print of your frame’s warranty so you know precisely what it covers.

Bottom Clearance

If you want the ability to store things under your bed, you’ll need to find out how much bottom clearance each frame offers. You’ll notice that the best minimalist bed frames leave at least 10 to 14 inches of space below for this purpose.

You will be able to store everything from important documents to jewelry. There is definitely a certain piece of mind knowing that some of your most valuable items are close by while you sleep.


As you explore the best minimalist bed frames available, it is important to look at their overall construction. We recommend a metal or solid wood frame. You will also want to pay attention to the number of legs and slat design each one. This will help you choose a frame that is very solid and dependable. Feel free to leave a comment below so we know what you think about our list.

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