Best Vented Propane Heater

If you want to heat a certain part of your home efficiently, a propane heater is an excellent choice. In this article we will take a look at some of the best vented propane heater models available online right now.

Our top choice is the Rinnai EX22CTWP Space Heater, which features a 20,700 BTU output, which is impressive to say the least. You can expect a tremendous degree of efficiency on a consistent basis.
This heater has a timer that allows you to set it to run for a certain amount of time. It also has an electronic thermostat that can be adjusted from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Before you decide on a certain heater for your home, we encourage you to learn about the following products.

How We Picked The Best Vented Propane Heater

As we put together our best vented propane heater list, there were several things that we took into consideration. We first looked at the heat output of each model. This ultimately determines the efficiency of these machines. It will also give you a good idea as to which spaces in your home it will be able to heat properly.

We also made a point of selecting heaters that have a durable, long-lasting construction. This is another factor that will affect how many years of use you get from yours. A high-quality design with solid materials will serve you well over the long term.

A Spotlight On Some of The Best Vented Propane Heater 2022:

Rinnai EX22CTWP Space Heater

Ashley Hearth DVAG11L Direct Vent Propane Heater

Rinnai EX11CTP Space Heater

Martin MDV20VP Direct Vent Propane Wall Furnace Heater

Empire DV210 Propane Direct Vent Heater


Rinnai EX22CTWP Space Heater

The Rinnai EX22CTWP Space Heater features durable Bunsen burners that are made of stainless steel. This ensures years of reliable heating performance that you can rely on each day.

This heater also has a warm air outlet that offers forced combustion as well as convection through a series of louvers. The tray humidifier is made of long-lasting enamel material. It is designed to maintain an ideal moisture level for optimal comfort inside of your home.

One of the reasons we chose the EXC22CTWP for our best vented propane heater list is its numerous smart features. This heater boasts an electronic spark ignition, as well as a 7-stage modulating gas valve. You’ll also have multiple timer settings to choose from. This design will help you conserve energy while heating up the room efficiently.

You can adjust the electronic thermostat from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This will make it easy for you to keep your home’s interior at a comfortable temperature.

We also like the fact that this heater offers a few very useful safety features. There is a child lock that will prevent potentially dangerous accidents. This is definitely something to keep in mind if you have young kids at home.

This heater will start back up automatically in the event of a combustion or ignition failure. It also features auto shutdown codes for safety and energy efficiency.

You will quickly notice that this machine is very quiet while running. It has a noise level range of 33 to 42 decibels, which is quite impressive. You won’t have to deal with a lot of excess noise, which is always a big plus.


  • Durable overall construction will last a long time through daily use
  • Quiet operation means very little noise while it is running
  • Timer function offers numerous settings to conserve energy
  • Electronic thermostat gives you a decent temperature range
  • Fan heaters ensure that air circulates through entire room


  • It is a bit on the heavy side


Ashley Hearth DVAG11L Direct Vent Propane Heater

The Ashley Hearth DVAG11L features a powerful and efficient design with a heat output of 11,000 BTUs. It is capable of heating spaces of up to 375 square feet. This makes it perfect for your living room, bedroom, and other areas of the house.

This heater’s sealed burn system ensures minimal heat loss, so you can rely on it for optimal overall performance. The Matchless Piezo lighting design allows you to start it up quickly and easily with no hassle.

You should be able to install this heater in just a few simple steps. It doesn’t require a long or complicated process to put in. You will receive a heat shield, air intake pipe, connection rod, flashing cap, and vent pipe.

It comes with everything needed for installation, so you won’t have to buy anything extra. The vent assembly can be adjusted as needed. It is designed for outside wall mounting and is compatible with walls that measure 4.5 to 10 inches thick.

Air from outside is pulled into the chamber through the vent. The air from combustion is quickly and efficiently expelled outside. This heater has a simple but highly effective design. It is definitely among the best vented propane heater options available online today.

You can always expect clean warm air circulating throughout whichever room you install this heater in. It measures 6.75 by 17.25 by 20 inches with a weight of just 41.7 pounds.


  • High-efficiency design with heat output of 11,000 BTUs
  • Compatible with most walls
  • Everything needed for installation is included with heater
  • Sealed design keeps flame inside for safety
  • Vent assembly has adjustable design to meet your needs
  • Designed to help you save as much space as possible


  • Ignition system could use some improvement


Rinnai EX11CTP Space Heater

The Rinnai EX11CTP Space Heater boasts an 11,000-BTU design that will give you maximum heating efficiency. It will raise the temperature of the room very quickly on a consistent basis.

This heater’s electronic spark ignition makes it easy to start up every single time. You won’t have to go through any complex or frustrating steps. You will also have a timer function that offers a few different settings to choose from. This will allow you to decide how long it will run continuously.

We also really like the variable speed inducer motor in this machine. It has an incredibly solid design for dependable overall performance. The electronic thermostat will let you quickly and easily adjust the temperature from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the combustion or ignition fails for any reason, this heater will instantly start back up. This is a huge convenience that you should consider when seeking out the best vented propane heater for your home.

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, the Rinnai EX11CTP has a lot to offer as a whole. It has a smart design with a variety of features that will make your life a little bit easier. It will distribute heat evenly to the furthest corners of the room to ensure comprehensive coverage. You can therefore depend on it to meet your needs no matter what.


  • Designed to heat entire room with no cold spots
  • Easy to adjust thermostat to desired temperature
  • Timer lets you control how long it runs for
  • Auto shutoff feature prevents issues from overheating
  • Easy to start up with no hassle whatsoever
  • Solid and reliable motor gives you dependable performance


  • Packaging could be a bit more secure


Martin MDV20VP Direct Vent Propane Wall Furnace Heater

The Martin MDV20VP Wall Furnace Heater has an adjustable heat output of up to 20,000 BTUs. This will give you a high degree of efficiency for heating most residential indoor spaces.

This heater features a thermostat with a simple dial that goes from Low to High. It has a very sleek design for a nice contemporary aesthetic that will look good in your home.

The flame will instantly adjust based on the ambient temperature. This means that you won’t have to worry about overheating. This design also prevents issues with excess noise. In fact, this heater is one of the quietest models available on the market right now.

We especially like the fact that this heater is so easy to install. It is compatible with walls that measure 4.5 to 12 5/8” thick. This basically guarantees that you will be able to put it in with no issues at all.

Another reason that we put the MDV20VP on our best vented propane heater list is its durable construction. It features a very solid grill that is made of die cast aluminum and glass ceramic materials. You can therefore trust that it will last a very long time. The low-maintenance design of this heater will help you save both time and money.

You can use this heater inside your home or even garage. It consistently delivers even heating performance with no issues whatsoever. It is made entirely in the USA, so you can expect years of flawless performance.


  • Silent operation lets you relax with no loud noise
  • Sleek design looks great in any part of your home
  • Designed for easy thermostat adjustments
  • Fits on most walls quickly and easily with no hassle
  • Impressively durable construction will stand the test of time


  • Attaching vent pipes to heater can be a little tricky


Empire DV210 Propane Direct Vent Heater

The Empire DV210 Direct Vent Heater offers a heat output of 10,000 BTUs. It is an excellent choice if you need to heat a smaller space inside of your home.

This machine takes in air from outside for combustion. The air that goes inside is quickly heated while it re-circulates inside the sealed chamber. If you do not have a chimney at home, this heater is definitely an option worth considering.

We also really like that this heater will continue working even if the power goes out in your home. Keep in mind that the blower will not work, if you have one installed.

Another reason that we put the DV210 on our best vented propane heater list is its easy and straightforward installation. It can be put in walls that are 4.5 to 13 inches thick. The vent wall opening measures 6 ¼” across. You shouldn’t experience any issues when putting it in.

Measuring 16 /14” by 9 3/8” by 21 3/8”, this propane heater can be installed for a discrete look that doesn’t draw too much attention. The neutral color allows it to blend in with most spaces. It offers a number of standard safety features, including automatic shutoff to prevent overheating.


  • Great choice for heating most smaller spaces
  • Doesn’t require a chimney
  • Simple no-hassle installation doesn’t take very long
  • Designed for most wall spaces within a fairly wide thickness range
  • Energy-efficient design will help you save money over the long term
  • No wires or cords to get in your way


  • Thermostat is not included


Best Vented Propane Heater Buying Guide

Best Vented Propane Heater

When you are looking for the best vented propane heater, it is important that you consider a few crucial factors. The list below will help you select one that will satisfy all of your needs.

Heat Output

As you search for the best vented propane heater, you will need to consider the heat output of each model. This is will essentially tell you how efficient these machines are. The more BTUs they offer, the faster they will be able to heat up a room.

You will need to consider the size of the space that you want to warm inside of your home. A BTU rating of 10,000 will efficiently heat a space of around 350 square feet.

Safety Features

You also need to make a point of looking at the safety features these machines offer. The very best vented propane heater will be designed to instantly turn off if it’s tipped over. This can potentially prevent a fire from starting, so it is quite important.

The one you buy should also be designed to automatically shut off if it starts overheating. This will prevent damage to the heater while preventing a disastrous situation.

Some heaters have an oxygen depletion sensor, which will turn off the entire machine if oxygen levels ever get low. All of these features will help keep you and everyone in your home safe, so they are worth considering.

Heat Method

There are a couple of different heating methods that you should look into before choosing the best vented propane heater. Models that use a radiant heating system are known for being incredibly quiet and efficient.

A convection heating system uses a fan to keep warm air circulating throughout the room. These models are ideal for warming up bigger spaces, but they are significantly louder.


Make sure that the heater you choose has an adjustable thermostat. This will allow you to quickly and easily adjust the temperature of the air that is being circulated in your home.

An electronic thermostat will allow you to choose the temperature you want for complete comfort at all times. It will also help you save quite a bit of money over time. This is an absolutely essential component to look for when browsing through the best vented propane heater options online.


There is no question that the very best vented propane heater will have a durable construction. Look for heaters that feature steel and/or aluminum components. This will ensure years of reliable use with little to no corrosion, wear, or damage of any kind.


You must also consider the size of each heater before making up your mind on a certain one. Take a look at the minimum and maximum wall thickness for these machines. This will give you a better idea as to which ones will fit in the space you have picked out at home.

The fact is that some propane heaters are more portable than others. Take the time to look at the dimensions so you can select one that meets your requirements.


The installation process is something else to look into before settling on a specific heater. Keep in mind that the overall weight of the heater will partially determine how easy it is to install. You should receive everything that is needed to put it in.

Energy Efficiency

An energy efficient design is one of the hallmarks of the best vented propane heater. The BTU rating of your heater will play a large role in determining what your monthly utility costs will be like. There are some models that are designed to help conserve energy.

A timer is a small but important feature to look for with these heaters. It will allow you to set the heater to run continuously for a certain amount of time. This will give you a good amount of control over how much energy it ends up consuming on a daily basis.


In order to find the best vented propane heater, you will need to consider the level of efficiency that each one offers. This is measures in BTUs, and it is an essential factor in selecting the right model. We recommend that you buy one with a heat output of at least 10,000 BTUs. Feel free to drop a comment down below so we know what you think about our list.

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